I can help your writing receive the notice and respect it deserves. I provide editorial support for a range of texts, including, but not limited to: research papers, journal articles, theses and dissertations, nonfiction manuscripts, annual reports, marketing materials, and website copy.

Basic copyediting

I will ensure that your work is correct in language and consistent in style. This includes correcting errors in grammar and usage and revising spelling, capitalization, punctuation, hyphenation, abbreviations, and other mechanical elements to conform to relevant style guidelines. I will point out sections that would benefit from clarification or restructuring.

Heavy copyediting

I will make all of the suggested revisions in language and style included under basic copyediting. In addition, I’ll suggest revisions to improve the clarity and tone of your writing.

Substantive editing

In addition to copyediting revisions, I will make suggestions to improve the organization and structure of your writing, smooth transitions and awkward constructions, and eliminate redundancy, sexist language, excessive use of the passive voice, jargon, and other substantive issues.

Website copyediting

I will make all of the revisions in language and style included under basic copyediting. I’ll also suggest revisions to enhance concision, readability, and search engine visibility.